We really appreciate the fantastic feedback we have been given. Below is a small sample from the last Dailyprofit survey.

Brett H

A very professionally run and honest service by smart people....emphasis on realistic profit on turnover .....educational and supportive service


This is a very cheap opportunity to get access to and learn about the very successful Sportpunter models. Great and honest service.


So far I have found Daily Profit to be a well-run, profitable and friendly tipster service that chooses tips in mainly high-liquidity sports. Honest service that talks about loses as well as wins.


I've been using Dailyprofit for the past 6 months. It lives up to its claims, in that my betting account has an extra $9000 by only following their recommendations.


Since joining the Daily Profit service I have more than doubled my capital. I have also gained the knowledge to utilise bookmaker specials to my advantage. Great work guys!


With the money I made in 1 month with DP, I can get a 2 year subscription. That's pretty good value!


Daily Profit is a great service, Sportpunter tips at affordable price level!


One of the very few services to accurately report obtainable results.With a bit of effort most prices given at time of selections can be bettered. Service is suitable for a wide range of sports bettors.Those starting off can build their bank using riskfree bets.Those willing to accept slightly more risk can combine the riskfree with the value bets. While those more experienced can benefit from the cream of SP bets graded by Steve. With more developments to come-looks good.


If you love your sport and a casual punt - then this is the service for you. Keep the interest in your favourite events without the risk of losing your cash. I haven't had a losing week since I follow DailyProfit.


This is a great selection service run by a pro punter, where all results are attainable and verifiable. If you enjoy betting on sport, and winning is an added bonus, look no further.


If you want to learn about betting and make money this is the service for you. Steve and Josh are as good as you will find in the shady world of betting. The customer service is first class and the service is very easy to follow. What more could you ask for? It has changed my approach to betting and I am now making a regular profit.


A great value for money service. An honest team that is working hard to make it the best service around.


Well managed service with consistent profit for the long-term punter. Excelent customer service.


New service that is based on industry leading Sportpunter models and always seeks to improve. Steve and his fellow colleagues go above and beyond the call of duty of a tipster service in that they aim to educate and help their subscribers how to make money in a low margin market.


I would really like to let you know how happy I am with your program overall, before I joined up I was looking into a few systems and one of the main reasons for going with you is your incredible record and clear and concise results. Furthermore, I am able to actually contact you and promptly get a reply. Best service I've personally ever been with.


Great service every question is answered and very friendly users all out to help each other make a extra buck or two


Spent my first month now using small stakes to ensure I can obtain quoted odds or similar. This test has proved the service to be as transparent as I hoped and that quoted ROIs look possible to obtain long-term.


I've followed a few services, Steve, Josh and Jon are superb, completely transparent and upfront, plus their service makes money!!


For punters looking to start out, there is no better or easier way to build a bankroll than to use the 'Value & Risk Free' service. I do not say this lightly, it really is impossible not to make money. In the process it develops an understanding of odds, value & applying maths to help be successful in your future gambling.


While I have been using value bets/promotions that bookies offer for a number years, if I was new to this process I would love to have a service like DP to guide me and build the initial bank to then invest into the SP side of the site.


It's hard to find profitable tipsters in the cesspool of unscrupulous crooks out there overstating or blatantly cheating/doctoring their profit results. Daily Profit I have discovered is one of the rare "good guys" and I unreservedly recommend the service as one which operates with honesty and integrity. IF you are disciplined to follow the service long term then you will make money not IF.


A service run with the customer in mind. Prompt responses to any queries and always looking to improve. You've got my thumbs up boys, that's for sure. Keep up the great work


Top tipster service offering bullshit free decent priced selections


A great service that has openend my eyes to many areas of profit in the betting industry. Allows me to enjoy many sports investments on a variety of sports. A really enjoyable way to punt.


Dailyprofit is a sports service done Aussie style, honest anaylsis, no BS, accepting the good and bad results and truly by the punters for the punters.


These guys are brilliant. I'm only on the Value and Risk Free subscription (for now) and I've made a healthy profit. They under promise and over deliver. The bets are easy to follow and they are always happy to answer questions.


Dailyprofit gives you the knowledge and practical examples to successfully profit from betting from someone who has been doing it for years


I appreciate and like the effort you guys are spending to drive this great service... on top: it's hard to find another service operating so open minded!


Honest and supportive Service


Can't recommend Daily Profit highly enough. I've made enormous profits mainly just by following the advice for bets sent through each day for the Value and Risk Free Service, as well as taking advantage of the sign up offers. Current profits stand at $7700 in just over 3 months time.


Suggested Daily Profit by a friend, and what was initially hard to depart with my hard earned money has been returned to me within weeks and tenfold! Thanks very much and keep the value bets flowing.

Best service I followed so far and tried before it close to 100 others. Learnt a lot and definitely a long term member. Thanks Steve and Josh.


Love the value/risk free service so far! I'm already a full paying Sportpunter subscriber so that's why I'm not following your SP/VIP service, but I think all your services are great value for money :)


I joined this service less then 12 months ago and me and my mate had $300 in the account. Today we have over 22k and its all down to this service. Would never thought it was possible to make so much money risk free before joining Dailyprofit. Thanks guys


Daily Profit has got to be one of the best value betting services on the internet. You actually can't afford to not be a member.


Have been punting for around 50 years now. Had my successes and losses, but never had a steady income stream from gambling. It was all Boom or Bust. The Value and Risk Free service, has changed my attitude to gambling. Now I expect to win and I expect to show a continuing profit. And the service delivers that. Cheers.


I have been a member of the Daily Profit website for about 5-6 months now during which time I have experienced my most consistently profitable period of sports trading in 20 years. The Value & Risk Free service alone has given me the knowledge and confidence to take full advantage of the various promotions offered by corporate bookmakers in Australia. I now treat my trading as a part-time job with part-time income as opposed to a recreational hobby where profit and loss were irrelevant. Thanks guys, great job.


If you want to stop being a 'mug punter' and start being a 'savvy bettor', then these are the guys you want in your corner! Best amd most transparent service you'll find. Hands down.


One of the few services that does what it says. No smoke and mirrors. No B/S.


If you want to make a quick buck, think you know everything or feel you're not a good judge of a persons character then look away now. If you wish to add to your income or become a serious punter, understand your limitations and trust your judgement then Daily Profit IS the place to start. A genuine guy dealing with the same daily challenges as most of us and not afraid to call a spade a spade. This service will set you in the right direction with a bank and the tools needed. The rest is up to you....


Daily profit is extreamly great service no question is to small to ask and every bet is simple to follow. most other services highlight the winners and not the loser but when the bad times roll (nfl) there is always the voice from Steve and the boys to remind us that you have slumps in any sports.


Capitalising on the opportunities presented by bookmakers is key to any winning strategy, and by combining those opportunities with tried-and-tested sports models, DailyProfit has proved itself a valuable service for the Australian Punter.


I have found the value and risk free bets a great way to have an interest in a variety of sports while also making a profit.


Three months ago I joined the risk-free bits and have profited around $2000 stick to the plan and you will make money regards


Daily profit has helped me to become a smarter punter and more profitable. The most honest service in a sea of money hungry sharks. It's the real deal. You won't become a millionaire or even get rich quick, but you can make money and learn to be better bettor too. Thanks Steve.


This is one of the best and most professional services I have ever used. My profit to date has been very good and I am extremely happy and confident investing my money with Daily Profit and in particular the Risk Free and Value Betting. Josh and Steve do a fantastic job and I will continue with my subscription for as long as I can (as long as the government and bookies allow). Thanks!


I was making a solid profit over 18 months playing bookie promos before joining the value bet service, but Josh finds offers from bookmakers that I'd never even heard of and I've made 150% more in 4 months.


Great service, run with transparency and consistency.


Dailyprofit is an honest, transparent and more importantly profitable service.


The Dailyprofit service has given me the insight and ability to the possibility of sports and horserace betting like I have never seen before. Using the excel spreadsheet alone has made a huge difference to how I manage my betting and staking plans. I now see a that I can have long term success at something which is my favourite pass time. That's a Win Win for me!!! Cheers


I've found the Risk Free/Value service to be excellent identifying promotions I would have easily missed otherwise and extracted the best value from all offers.

Since joining DP, as well as making significant risk free profit, I have always learnt a heap and became a lot smarter and aware as a punter. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.


After a mate and fellow Daily profit member put me onto this service. I was pissed. Really pissed, that he hadnt done it sooner! Loving it and turned over my initial cost within 6 weeks after starting from scratch. Great fun and also a second job at the same time. Ive told absolutely everyone I come across and cant recommend it enough!


Since joining daily profit my betting and mentality has changed significantly, no longer see the day to day losses but rather the long term. I think the greatest thing about the service is that I have complete trust that we will make a profit


Since joining Daily Profit I have seen my betting balance increase week on week! It's a refreshing change to random betting and casino gambling that I have been used to. Thanks Daily Profit! It's good to be consistently on the profit side of punting for a change.


A fantastic service. These guys really care about their customers. Everybody should give the risk free and value service a go.


What a fantastic site for those that are looking to build up a punting bank. Don't worry though, there is plenty of value for the more experienced as well.


Might sound too good to be true, but its not. Value/Risk Free bets is basically free money.


In my 10 years of online punting, I have found DailyProfit to be one of only a very few trusted providers.


This is a fantastic service, I've been a member for over a year now and I am now not only following daily profit's tips but also finding my own bets using the knowledge I've gained. 10/10. Keep up the good work.


Opened my eyes to punting to make a second income. Love the honesty and quick response to emails. Great work guys keep it up


First class service, honest, transparent and always willing to provide extra help and feedback.


The value & risk free models have been brilliant bank builders for the past year.