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About AC Markets

AC Markets Approach to form
The following factors form the pillars of the AC Markets approach to form:
  • Replay study & note making (trip handicapping)
  • Statistical analysis (database work)
  • Recognition and application of track patterns and bias
  • Analysis of sectional times (speed handicapping)
  • Speed mapping

Andrew spends upwards of 50 hours per week working on the form. It's a combination of these factors that he uses to assign each horse a predictive rating which ultimately converts to a probability and then a final assessed price. That combination has been developed over the years, through trial and error and experience, into a dependable and repeatable process that is applied and reapplied to every race considered.

Winning long term in any endeavour of gambling is difficult. There are many highs and lows, peaks and troughs along the way.

AC Markets provides tips but more importantly gives you REASONS for the recommendations as well as a RATED PRICE to ensure you are getting value when you bet.

Subscribers are able to discuss and take advice from Andrew on any aspect of their wagering (staking, bet sizing and money management) to help achieve better long term outcomes.

Previous Results

The AC Markets brand has been running since 2015 on it's on site. Here are the previous results up until the day it joined Dailyprofit

Meet Andrew

Our Horse racing expert, Supreme Court Barrister, Poker & Trading Pro

Andrew Capelin

Racing Expert

Andrew has been betting on racetracks since the mid 1980s. A successful career as a Barrister of the Supreme Court of NSW meant that before 2008 his passion for horse racing was pursued on a part time basis. The discipline and analytical skills developed in a legal career spanning 18 years have now been applied to his real passion, racing. As well as a legal career, Andrew’s background is in share trading and poker. In 2010 he won the Sydney Championships Poker Main Event . The discipline and money management skills learnt from poker and share trading have been successfully applied to his endeavors as a punter and racing analyst.
If you love racing and wish to make smart, well researched betting decisions but don't have the time to do the necessary analysis, AC Markets can provide you with the analysis you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

1What time are tips released?
Saturday: 10:30 am
Wednesday: 11:00 am
2How are odds recorded?
The Raceday file will specify if you should take a fixed price, TF, or Best Tote price. The fixed price recorded is never the top price and you can beat the TF or Best tote prices by using the BOB product most bookmakers have.
3What is a Rated Price?
A Rated price is an assessment of a horse’s chance of winning the race. If a horse is assessed at $3 (2 to 1) then we are saying it has a 1 in 3 or 33% chance of winning.
4What is an overlay?
An overlay is where the available price for a selection exceeds the rated price.
5What is a unit? How much is a unit worth?
A unit is basically whatever you want it to be! AC MARKETS uses a notional 1000 unit bank. That means whatever the size of your betting bank is you can follow the recommendations. If your betting bank (your total capital available for betting these selections) is $1000 then it is easy 1 unit = $1. If your bank is $4000 then 1 unit =$4. If the RACEDAY PDF suggests a 12 unit bet, the amount would be 12 times 4 = $48
6How should I stake my bets?
Staking is very important. The Raceday PDF provides suggested staking amounts according to a 1000 unit bank.
7Why do you recommend backing more than one runner in a race?
Sometimes there will be value in more than one runner. If 2 or three horses are good value bets then it makes sense to back them all. This will ensure that a profit is returned more frequently. Over the long term this strategy will reduce variance and protect your bank from larger losing runs and periods of drawdown.
8Am I guaranteed to win?
No unfortunately not. There is no guarantee you will win following the recommendations. However if you are able to master staking, money management and discipline, you can expect to show a long term profit.
9Are AC Markets ratings computer generated?
No. Andrew uses a computer in his work but the selections and ratings for each race are “hand crafted”. It is not a matter of pressing a button on a computer. Adjustments for relevant factors and variables are made “manually” for each individual scenario.
10What meetings are covered by AC Markets?
AC MARKETS covers NSW metropolitan race meetings with the exception of Sunday meetings. The Victorian service covers Wednesday and Saturday racing and Public Holidays
11Why aren't there any selections for some races?
AC MARKETS will identify the best opportunities of the meetings covered. That means some races are best left alone. If you want to win long term you have to develop the discipline to not bet in every race irrespective of whether you are winning or losing for the day
12Why don’t you recommend each way bets?
In the long term the win market provides the greatest opportunity for profit because the bookies edge is smaller than place and exotic markets. There is nothing to stop you betting selections on an each way basis and this could be profitable, especially with longer priced runners, however we suggest sticking to win betting gives the best chance of long term success.