The Basics

1What is the Value & Risk Free Service?
This service uses the ongoing bonus bets and refund type bets from Australian bookmakers.
It is only available for Australian and NZ members as these offers are only from Australian bookmakers.
This service shows you how to play these offers to make guaranteed profits.
This is not a gambling service, it is just using pure maths to make value bets that give an exact return.
You can read more about it and see our yearly review here.
2What is the Sportpunter Service?
The Sportpunter Service is the real gambling part of Dailyprofit.
We use the ratings provided by Sportpunter AFTER his full paying clients have placed their bets.
The Sportpunter service has been around for over 12 years and has consistently made profits year after year. But it is cost prohibitive ($5,500 per year) for most punters. If you have a bank over $25,000 I suggest joing the full Sportpunter service instead of Dailyprofit.
Dailyprofit licenses the plays from Sportpunter as there is still value (profits) to be made even after the big bettors have had their fill.
Where Sportpunter members might make between 5-9% ROI, Dailyprofit members will make between 1-5% ROI.
You can read more about the Sportpunter service and see the last years breakdown here.
3What is the VIP service?
The VIP service is the Value & Risk free service AND the Sportpunter service combined at a cheaper price.
It is only for Australian and NZ members

Frequently Asked Questions

1What time are tips released?
Tips are sent at different times depending on the Sport. All times listed below are in AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). MLB: Daily @ 10:00PM AFL: Fri,Sat & Sun @ 11:30am NRL: Friday @ 11:15am S15: Friday @ 10:45am NBA: Daily @ 9:45pm NHL: Daily @ 9:45pm NFL: Thu,Sun,Mon @ 10:00pm To convert the times to your local time, use this link
2How do I receive the tips?
Tips are sent via email and also uploaded on the website at the same time.
3How do I cancel my subscription
To cancel a Recurring Payment established with a PayPal account, log into your Paypal account, access the "Profile" tab, click the “My money” tab, then "My Pre-Approved Payments" link, select and click the relevant merchant and follow the instructions to cancel the payment. Your account will be closed at the end of the payment period.
4How much will I make?
How long is a piece of string? With the Value and Risk free service, you will make close to 10% ROI. With the Sportpunter bets (the real betting) we hope to make between 1-4% ROI. But there will be heavy monthly fluctuations from -10% to +15% returns.
5What bank should I set up?
We advise all bets in unit sizes from 1-3 units. We recommend a 50 unit bank. To work out what 1 unit is, just divide your bank by 50. For example: If you have a $5,000 bank, 1 unit is $5,000/50 = $100
6Where are your results?
The results spreadsheet can be found here. You can download the spreadsheet and filter the selections Results are updated every Monday night.
7How do you record odds?
For Line bets, we use the $2 lines found at Topsport. For Totals bets we use the best odds from Pinnacle or 5Dimes at time of release. Members can beat these odds (and the official results) by shopping for lines.
8How can I contact you?
By filling in the form on this page