Our stance on sportsbook affiliates

We believe that many of the corporate bookmakers profile their affiliate accounts looking to close down accounts. We could easily link to a bookmaker using an affiliate and make a lot of money. But if you sign up via an affiliate your account is not going to last long. We will only use affiliate links when we know the bookmaker will never limit or close your account. We make a small profit if you choose to sign up under our affiliate links and are also able to help you if you have any problems with the bookmaker.

Any tipster service that is honest should make you well aware of this (none do except for this one). Never sign up for any corporate Australian bookmaker from a link on any tipster site. Your best bet is to type the bookmaker’s name into google and click on the direct link. The second best way is to download their app and sign up with your smartphone.

Also, DO NOT copy and paste a link to any bookmaker from this site. Always open a new tab and paste in the address. Bookmakers also track the last page you were on and if they see you came from this site then that will be another way for them to limit your account.

Any bookmakers below that have direct links are affiliated links. We believe these bookmakers are safe and any profit we make from them will be used to make this service even better.

Bookmakers we will use

Sportmarket Pro (gives you access to Pinnacle, SBO, and other bookmakers in one site)