1st year update – Value & Risk Free

1st year update – Value & Risk Free

Dailyprofit 1st Year Review

The Dailyprofit service is split into two unique services. We have the pure gambling side of the service which is the Sportpunter service. We have previously broken down the results of that service. The other service is the one we will be talking about today. This is the Value and Risk Free service. The vast majority of people I know are not very risk averse, and this service is perfect for them as it almost guarantees them a profit for barely any risk.

Many people are not sure what this service is, so I will try and explain the basics before diving into the past years results.

Bookmakers offer incentives to get new customers to join and keep coming back to bet. Our TV screens are bombarded by bookmaker offers. You know the sort, come bet and if you team is up at half time but lose, we will give you your money back. Place a first scorer bet and if your guy scores second, we will give you a refund. There are hundreds of different promos that the bookmakers offer to get you to come back to the site in the hope that you will become a more regular punter with them.

All bookmakers all over the world offer these promotions, but our service only concentrates on the Australian bookmakers. That is why this service is only for Australian and New Zealand people. We are looking to add a UK based service in the future.

It must be noted that these offers are given to customers in the hope that they will come to the site and also bet on other things as well. All bookmakers now have very advanced monitoring systems that check to see how valuable each customer is to them, and if they see you taking advantage of these offers and not betting on anything else, they will not allow you to use these offers for very long. We have documents on the site that show you how to prolong being banned, but eventually most bookmakers will ban you from taking up these offers. Some might be as soon as 3 -6 months, others it might take a year or two and some have never banned members.

Just be aware that these results are based off a customer having access to all promotional offers and they are not achievable for everyone. But in saying that we also show members how to take advantage of other offers that we do not record on the site. I believe $10,000 per year is achievable for anyone who is new to betting who uses this service.


Value & Riskfree bets 4 July 2014 – 4 July 2015

It’s everyone’s favourite time. Graph time. Let’s have a look at the overall profit we have achieved in the first 12 months of the service.


This graph is a gamblers wet dream. So steady, so upward, so so good… Sorry I got a bit excited there…

Over the year we bet a total of $110,625.70 (about $300 per day on average) and made a profit of $11,635.73. That is a 10.52% return on investment.

As you can see there is very steady growth each week. Each week on average you will make about $250 profit. During certain times of the year when big events are on (State of origin, Melbourne cup, finals time) there will be a heap more offers and more profit, but each week there are always a fair few offers.

One thing to note is that we mostly bet on Friday and Saturday. We suggest a $4,000 bank, but per week you are betting about $2,100 and most of that is over two days. So with a bank of $1,500 – $2,000 you should be able to place all bets.

We will now drill down into the 3 different bet types we have in the Value & Risk free service to see how each has done.

Risk Free

riskfreesummaryRisk Free bets are where we bet and lay or back multiple promos at once. As the name implies, these bets are risk free, you will make a profit from them. An example is a bookmaker who offers the favourite at a special price of $2 each week when their real price is much less. It is simply a case of betting the $2 odds and backing the other team at another bookmaker or laying that team on Betfair. Sometimes bookmakers offer the same sort of promotion and a profit can be guaranteed by backing the opposite team at each book.

There are less and less of these bets happening and more and more Value bets (where there is small risk involved). But they still added a very healthy profit of $1,722.82 over the past year. I personally do not mind taking on a little bit of risk with these bets and am always happy just to place them and not place the lay bet. This will result in a higher profit margin but adds variance and risk. At the end of the day it really depends on how you cope with risk. If you have a high risk tolerance you can place the main bet and leave it at that, or if you hate any risk at all you can place both the back and lay bet and know with 100% certainty that you have made a profit before the event even starts.

As you can see in the graph below, this chart only goes in one direction.


Value Bets

valuesummaryWe now move onto the Value bets which also feed into the Freebets. Value bets are bets where their is usually a refund offer that might occur. We risk a small amount in the hope that something happens in the game and if it does occur we make a nice profit. So we may be risking $5-$20 in the hopes of getting back $50-$200.

Examples of Value bets are where bookies might give you a freebet if you place a certain bet on a certain market, or refund offers where if certain things happen in a game you get your money back if the bet loses.

These are by far the most common types of bets we are placing and over the past year we have made $5,717.28 profit at 7.25% Return on Investment. As you can see with the graph, there are lean periods and also a few losing periods, but for the most part it is week after week of winners.

This is where we add a fair bit of value to the service, as not only do we find all these offers for you (which would take hours each week if you were to do that yourself), but we also work out the maths for you and tell you exactly what amount you need to bet. Beyond that we also use our many years of experience when it comes to choosing the best bet for certain situations. There are many offers where you have to pick either the first try/goal scorer in a game or a horse to win. We go to the trouble of looking over the stats and comparing it to the odds to give you the best value bet to place.



freebetsummaryThe Value bets usually give us many freebets to use. These are the refund offers we touched on above. These refund offers usually have certain rules, such as having only the winnings from the bet given to you and certain turnover requirements. We go into detail on the site on how to make a guaranteed profit from these bets by backing and laying something. With the smallest amount of work you should be able to make 70-80% profit from these free bets. So a $100 freebet is worth $70-$80 real cash. We record these at 50% value. We do this because even the laziest person in the world would be able to beat these results.

As you can see by the results we have received $8,067.25 worth of freebets over the past year and converting at about 50%, we have made $4,195.63 profit. Once again anyone making a tiny effort would have returned at least 70% from these free bets which is $5,647.00 profit (an increase of $1,452.00). The other option which I prefer with these freebets is to go crazy. I just back long odds (or multis if you are so inclined) and do not bother laying.

As this is guaranteed profit once you have the free bet, the graph below only goes in one direction.



Other Bets not included

One thing to note is that we do not record Sign-up offers. These offers work of the exact same principle as the Free bets. We show you how to take advantage of these sign up bonuses, but as many members might already have an account with the bookmaker, we do not feel it is fair to add them to our profit and loss graph. If you are just starting out, there is at least $2,000 – $5,000 profit available from the sign up offers and this gets your bank up very quickly.

There are many bets we can not record that also offer a huge amount of profit. These are usually Horse racing offers and the reason we can not offer exact picks is because the lay side of the market (Betfair) only has enough liquidity (money) a few minutes before the race is run. Every week most books have a heap of races that will give refunds if your horse comes second or third. You can easily double your yearly profits if you have the time on Saturdays to take advantage of these offers. We do flag them up each week and there is a document on the site that shows you exactly how to play them, but as we can not make them official bets we do not add them to the results.

Account Closures

As mentioned above, bookies have these offers to entice mug punters to come back to the site and bet. There is 100% certainty that you will be bonus banned at many of these bookmakers over the course of the year. But we have found that even once you have been banned from all the ones that do ban, there is still a heap of value in the service and the profits easily outweigh the monthly cost.

We can take someone like me for example who has been taking advantage of these offers for many years. I am banned at most books but I can still bet at a few and it adds on average a hundred a week profit. An extra $5,000 a year is nothing to sneeze at.

How I would use this service

I believe this service is one of the most underrated out there. For anyone who is serious about making a profit from betting, this service gives you such a massive leg up. It will teach you everything you need to know to spot value, manage a bank, record bets and so on which will serve you well when you decide to gamble for real.

My advice for everyone is to start with this service, take advantage of the sign up offers (+$3,000 -$5,000), take advantage of all the offers over the year (+$10,000 – $15,000) and by the end of your first year you will have a $13,000 – $20,000 bank to really start attacking the bookies with the Sportpunter service. You will also continue to place as many of the Value and Risk free bets as you can and that should add a nice profit every single year.

I started my own personal betting with a $25,000 bank (and $25,000 in reserve which I never needed) and over the past 5 years turned that into $450,000. You can see my story at my blog.

Why you should join

If you are an Aussie or Kiwi, this IS THE service. Low risk, massive reward and the lessons you learn along the way will help turn you from a mug punter into a profitable one. At just $37 per month (price will be going up soon), and an average monthly profit of $1,000, there is no better return on your money. You pay for an entire years service after just two weeks of using it.

These offers will not last forever, and you will be kicking yourself in a few years when you had the opportunity to make some great profit and really kick-start your punting career. Get involved now while the bookies are being overly generous and with less than an hours work a week you can start building that betting bank.

In our first year our members took well over $1,000,000 from the bookies and we will take twice that much this year. Get involved.



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