1st September – 30th September +10.3034 (+$1,030.34)

1st September – 30th September +10.3034 (+$1,030.34)

Monthly Review

Back to winning ways in September after two losing months. We also say goodbye to the AFL and NRL models for another season. Full season reviews will be on the blog this week.


In total we placed 38 bets and won 19 of them (50.0%). We placed bets totaling 60.50 units ($6,050.00) and won 10.3034 units ($1,030.34). That is a 17.03% ROI. The previous update was a -6.0888 unit loss.


This month saw the beginning of the NFL season and we started with a bang. The NRL continued it’s fantastic run and the AFL continued its woeful ways.


All season long it has been the AFL model that has caused most of the losses. This was no different in the final month of the AFL season. Of the 14 advised bets, only 2 won.

20.00 units ($2,000.00) was bet for a loss of 13.013 units ($1,301.30). That is a -65.07% ROI.

The 2016 season results for the AFL model was a 47.3845 unit loss at -15.1% ROI. A horrendous year is an understatement.



Once again the NRL performs and is the complete opposite of the AFL model. We advised 8 bets and won 4 of them in September.

In total we bet 13.25 units ($1,325.00) and made a profit of 5.4819 units ($548.19). That’s an ROI of 41.37%.

The 2016 season result for the NRL model was a 43.2575 unit profit at +12.2% ROI.



This month saw the start of the NFL season and we got off to an absolute flyer. We advised a total of 16 Line bets, 13 of them won.

In total we bet 27.25 units ($2,725.00) and made a profit of 17.8345 units ($1,783.45). That’s an ROI of 65.45%



It’s been an awful year for AFL only subscribers, but a decent one for NRL and VIP subscribers. We now look towards the American sports (NFL and NBA) for the next 5 months and these have produced some decent returns over the years.

Results Spreadsheet

The results spreadsheet is updated every Monday night and uploaded to the site for anyone to download. You can click the link below to grab it and see how we did on all our bets.

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