1st November – 30th November -6.8404 (-$684.04)

Monthly Review

After a profitable two months, we see a loss in November. There was a tiny profit for the NBA model, but a 7.25 unit loss for the NFL.


In total, we placed 237 bets and won 116 of them (50.7%). We placed bets totalling 282.90 units ($22,290.00) and lost 6.8404 units ($684.04). That is a -2.42% ROI. The previous update was a +1.8574 unit profit.


The NFL has been on a very poor run and that continued in November with a 7.2567 unit loss.

We bet 84.75 units and lost 7.2567 units for a -8.56% ROI.

We placed 50 bets and won 20 of them (44.4%). The Line bets were the contributing factor to the loss. Line bets hit 6 from 19 (31.6%) and lost 7.451 units at -20.6%. Totals bets went 14 from 27 (51.9%) and made 0.1943 units profit at 0.4% ROI.


The NBA started at the end of October and begun with a bang, making 18.3 units in the last few days of October. Sadly, November was all about treading water, and the model only made 0.4163 units profit at 0.21% ROI.

We bet a total of 198.15 units ($19,815.00) and made a profit of 0.4163 units ($41.63).

The Head to Head bets were the disappointment, with a turnover of 74.40 units and a loss of 5.9920 units at -8.1% ROI. The Totals did well with 123.75 units turnover and a 6.4083 unit profit at 5.2% ROI. We hit 62 of 109 (56.9%) of totals bets.


A poor November and just the final month of 2016 left. It really has been a treading water kind of year. No huge profits, but no huge losses either (depending on what models you follow). 2016 has seen 1,577.825 units bet for a return of 17.6457 units at 1.12% ROI. Not spectacular at all but a profit nonetheless. It’s been a disappointing season and we will hope for a strong finish in December and to be above the 2% ROI figure in 2017.

Results Spreadsheet

The results spreadsheet is updated every Tuesday morning and uploaded to the site for anyone to download. You can click the link below to grab it and see how we did on all our bets.

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