1st August – 31st August -6.0888 (-$608.88)

1st August – 31st August -6.0888 (-$608.88)

Monthly Review

Another losing month for the Dailyprofit SP service. Once again due to the horror AFL season. September sees the end of the Aussie footy codes but welcomes the American version.


In total we placed 65 bets and won 26 of them (40.0%). We placed bets totaling 101.40 units ($10,140.00) and lost 6.088 units ($608.88). That is a -6.00% ROI. The previous update was a -15.6064 loss.


The month was looking good until a few bigger loses from the 21st of August made the month end in a small loss.


The losses were once again down to the AFL model. There is no denying it has had it’s worst year ever. We can only hope this is just a hiccup and we are back to winning ways in 2017

44.20 units ($4,420.00) were bet for a loss of 13.9164 units ($1,391.64). That is a -31.50% ROI.



Again it was the NRL that shined as it has done all season.

In total we bet 54.2 units ($5,420.00) and made a profit of 6.7371 ($673.71). That’s an ROI of 12.40%.


Super Rugby

We had a winning bet on the final and that added 1.0905 units profit to Augusts total.


More pain for members following the AFL service and more joy for those following the NRL one. Overall a small loss on the month and we just need to keep following the script and wait for those winning months.

Results Spreadsheet

The results spreadsheet is updated every Monday night and uploaded to the site for anyone to download. You can click the link below to grab it and see how we did on all our bets.

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